Getting started

A guide on how to start building with Basis.

Basis setup overview

Setup instructions

1. Add the Basis Library extension to your Chrome browser

Get it here→ Basis Chrome Extension

2. Get the Basis Foundation Template (Optional)

If you're starting a new app from scratch, we recommend using the Basis Foundation template.

This will allow you to easily customize your apps look and feel with Basis components.

  • Get the template here.

  • Read more about the template here.

3. Activate the extension from Bubble editor

The Basis extension only works from the Bubble editor.

  1. Active the extension and create your account (or log in).

  2. Browse library and simply copy paste directly into your Bubble app.

3. Add the following plugins to your Bubble app

Required if NOT using the Foundation Template

How to add plugins

From the Bubble editor, navigate to the plugins section on the left-hand side. Click the “add plugins” button in the top right corner.

Search the plugins listed above and “install” them in your app



The plugins below are used in Basis but not necessary if not using any chart, progress, or notification based elements.

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